Tech Aveev


Get time tracking synced with payroll.

Say goodbye to manual data entry. With Tech aveev, your employees can record their hours accurately, you can approve them easily, and payroll is prepared automatically.

Accurate time tracking as easy as a click (or tap).
Team members can clock in and out — or log hours all at once — in any web browser or the Gusto Wallet app (iOS and Android). And with Time Kiosk, you can turn any tablet into a time clock for clocking in and out.

Make flexible scheduling easier for everyone.
From remote work to flextime to compressed schedules, the work week has changed. Our tools have evolved with the times, with geofenced work sites where employees can clock in and out.

Track remote work, not remote workers.
Time tracking should be about helping people make work time more productive, not monitoring them. That’s why our tools are collaborative by design, giving members the ability to make changes to their schedules.

Project management complexity, simplified.

Turn planning into scheduled action. 
Employees can track and tag their time spent on specific projects, helping you learn more about team productivity and task management. 

Get clear analysis so you know your project is on track.
Track project progress and easily spot where workload, goals, and other elements need adjustment. 

Support and respect your team’s time.
Collaborate across workspaces and track how projects take up employee time. See which tasks are bogging teams down early so you can pivot to solutions before your team gets off track.

Unlock data-backed strategic growth.

Spend (way) less time on data entry and more time growing. 
With simple tasks automated, your team can spend more time focusing on identifying, choosing, and executing big plans. 

Workforce reporting to keep you on top of everything.
Generate detailed reports organized by date, department, or employee at the click of a button, so you can analyze and interpret your data right away. 

Multifaceted performance management. 
Whether you’re reviewing project performance, individuals, or teams, we remove the obstacles between you and the data, so you’ll know right away whether it’s time to hire, train, promote, or develop. 

Manage your growing team, all in one place.

Behind every successful business is a thriving team. Hire, pay, insure, and
support your employees with Tech aveev’s all-in-one people platform.